Firstmile Community Broadband Technology

The Firstmile Community Broadband scheme uses a wireless network to connect subscribers to our Operations Centre. From there, all subscribers are connected to the Internet via a series of multiple high-speed links. By using multiple connections, we are able to provide not only speed, but redundancy - essential to maintaining a reliable service.

Our Network

Maintaining the Kington wireless Broadband network
Maintaining our network requires a head for heights!.

Our network consists of a number of 'Access Points', which are connected to our office in Kington. We then install a 'Subscriber Unit' in the home of each customer. Depending on your proximity to the Access Point, this could be a small wireless device sitting on a window sill, or we may need to mount a wireless radio unit externally, onto a wall or chimney. The exact choice of equipment depends on individual circumstances.

The wireless network uses frequency hopping (FHSS) equipment, which provides a high level of security and reliability. The quality of service can be controlled for each individual user and the design of the network enables us to share the available bandwidth effectively.

Typical Wireless Broadband Access Point
A typical wireless broadband access point.

This means we can offer custom solutions to subscribers with particular needs. For example, if your business or home requires a fixed IP address , then we can provide this.

Our investment in technology also allows the network to grow with customer demand, so the quality of service will not be reduced as more users are added to the system.

All these features mean that we are able to offer a genuine business class service.

Your network

Wireless Broadband Subscriber Unit example

Users connect their equipment to our wireless network via a standard network port. This provides for the connection of a single computer.

We permit the use of a router in case you wish to connect a number of machines.

It is also possible to create virtual local networks on this system, so if your business would benefit from having a direct connection to other subscribers on the network, this can be arranged securely, with the agreement of the particular subscribers.

The service should extend to anyone living in sight of Bradnor Hill. We are steadily expanding the network to serve communities further afield.

Firstmile Community Broadband - rural broadband need not be so far away