Firstmile Community Broadband Service Packages

Our broadband service provides subscribers with a permanent connection to the Internet. Unlike ADSL, it does not require a telephone line, but provides a connection of similar speed and reliability.

All subscribers are subject to our Fair Use Policy. We monitor network usage to ensure that the available bandwidth is used effectively and quality of service is maintained for all users.

We are not currently offering our own e-mail service, owing to the cost of effectively controlling spam and viruses. It is usually possible to maintain existing e-mail accounts, depending on your current service provider. Please contact us if you would like advice about maintaining your existing e-mail service.

Service Packages

Two levels of service are available, one designed to suit business subscribers and another to suit the needs of domestic subscribers. Heavy domestic users may find the business package more appropriate.

Service Speed Contention Monthly Usage* Fixed IP Price ex VAT
Business 2Mb 12:1 Unlimited If Required £35 per month
Domestic 1Mb 30:1 Unlimited n/a £25 per month

* Unlike a number of broadband Internet access providers, Firstmile do not limit your monthly usage.

Business Service

Our Business Service is ideally suited to subscribers requiring a connection with the capacity to rapidly transfer large files, for those wishing to run multiple concurrent applications requiring Internet access, and for those who wish to connect a network of computers to the Internet.

Business subscribers can also request a fixed IP address, at no additional cost. This allows a subscriber to, for example, host their own Mail or HTTP server, connect remote sites using a VPN, use VoiP applications between sites etc.

Domestic Service

Our Domestic service is aimed at those customers whose primary use for an Internet connection is for viewing web pages, using email and the occasional file download.

If you are at all unsure as to which package best suits your requirements, please ask.

Installation Charges

Business subscribers should be able to obtain a grant from the WMNC to cover the majority of the cost of installing the necessary hardware. The grant is normally sufficient to leave a balance payable by the subscriber of approx. £100. We may be able to subsidise users who cannot obtain a grant, depending on the circumstances. Please contact us for details.

The installation cost for domestic subscribers depends on the location of the nearest access point. Please contact us if you would like to know whether you can receive the service.

As the network grows, we hope to continue to reduce the installation charges to all subscribers, in line with the reducing costs.


Our leased lines are very reliable, and the wireless network has proved very robust to date. However, the system is subject to power cuts and node failures in various locations, so we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service.

Our target is to maintain 100% uptime across our entire network, and we will work to resolve any faults as quickly as possible - 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

If an Internet connection is mission critical for your business, we recommend that you maintain some form of dial-up connection for use in the event of a broadband failure. This need not entail a significant cost; we maintain a Pay As You Go connection for this purpose.

Fair Use Policy

Our Fair Use Policy is intended to maintain quality of service (QoS) across our network of subscribers, giving every user the maximum benefit from their connection.

We monitor network usage, and at certain times of high traffic we reserve the right to limit the bandwidth allowed to applications such as Peer to Peer (P2P) networks - Kazaa & BitTorrent for example, externally accessible ftp servers etc. This allows us to allocate the available bandwidth fairly amongst our subscribers


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