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November 2007 - Firstmile have installed the Letton area wireless rural broadband network infrastructure, and are now connecting subscribers.

This network will also provide coverage down into the Wye Valley towards Bredwardine and Monnington.

If you live in the Letton or Wye Valley area and would be interested in finding out if you can receive this service, please Contact Us

October 2007 - Firstmile are currently working to enable the Letton area for Wireless Broadband.

If you live in the Letton area and would be interested in finding out if you can receive this service, please Contact Us

May 2007 - Firstmile subscribers can now have their own e-mail address, making life easier for those moving from another ISP.

Click HERE for more details.

March 2007 - We are now selling a selection of networking equipment for the home and small office.

Take a look at The Network Shop to see what we have available.

February 2007 - We have added an FAQ section to our website, to help existing and potential subscribers.

January 2007 - Firstmile Community Broadband have connected the first subscribers in the Arrow Valley (Brilley Mountain) area above Kington.


December 2006 - Firstmile is trialling a new high-speed connection service. On completion of testing, we hope to offer this to all our customers starting early in the New Year.

November 2006 - WMNC (West Midlands Networking Company) award Firstmile the contract to provide rural broadband in the Arrow Valley above Kington.

Rural Broadband Access in Herefordshire

Welcome to Firstmile Community Broadband, providing high speed Internet access to rural communities beyond the reach of conventional telephone technology.

Since 2004 we have been offering reliable internet access to businesses and homes in Kington and the surrounding area. With the arrival of conventional broadband within Kington town in 2005, we now concentrate on enabling those communities that are beyond the range of telephone network broadband.

Kington, Shobdon, Letton, Brilley, Huntington, Michaelchurch, Craswall, Chickward, Uphampton, Marston and Lower Woodhouse are among the rural communities that have benefited from Broadband Internet access using our experience and technology.


How do we do it?

We use a wireless link to carry broadband into a rural community, which we then distribute to our subscribers through a Local Access Point. We can provide reliable connections with speeds of up to 4MB, with a choice of service levels to suit commercial and domestic customers.

How much does it cost?

Please read our important notice regarding the availability of grant funding for rural Broadband Internet projects.

Our monthly connection fees are comparable to those of the larger suppliers of conventional Broadband Internet connections, as indeed is our service provision.

Business and domestic subscribers living in an area already served by our network may be able to connect through a Local Access Point. There is also the option of a number of prospective domestic customers forming a group, and applying for a grant towards the cost of the initial installation.

Our monthly connection options and charges are explained HERE.

What next?

Take a look around our web site. You'll find explanations of the technology used, and the potential it holds for business and domestic subscribers alike.

Talk to us if you are in an area without Broadband, and we will do all we can to assist you.

Visit the web site of the WMNC, where they have details of available funding, and the necessary process. Many rural business and domestic subscribers will be eligible for a grant, and thanks to our working relationship with the WMNC we will be happy to assist you with your application.

Firstmile Community Broadband - rural broadband need not be so far away